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Current State of Physics Education in the United States

How many students take physics in high school?  (Percentage)

How many of those students study physics in college/university?  How many physics majors…

What is the average tenure of a secondary physics teacher?  How many are retiring each year in USA, in WA State?

What are under-represented populations in physics classrooms?

What do students need most in secondary physics?

  • Kinematics? Geometry?
  • Kinetics?
  • Integration of computers with physics education?  (Mathematica)
  • Hands on?
  • Career options in physics?

Physics for poets?  What are those classes all about?  How do you measure success for those classes?

What are physics classes enrollments like?

Physics is math applied to the real world.  Are there schools cutting physics classes?  How are math and physics curricula intertwined?

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