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Salary Comparisons, 2 Districts (Plus One In Progress), by Month


I am currently teaching in my 3rd School District, and I’ve been doing some analysis of my paystubs.  The solid lines above are gross salary amounts.

The order in which I taught is color-coded above, you have light blue (2011-2012), tan (2012-2013) and purple (2013-2014).  NOTE:  any purple numbers past 10/31 are estimates, not real data.

The broken lines are the base salary rates, which go up slightly and steadily each year based on seniority only.

Overall trends which I am just now noticing, but which others, who have been in teaching longer, know is:

1. Generally your gross (and net) decreases as the year goes on.  See trendline on net below.

2. Depending on other activities you engage in, or contract conditions, your gross can fluctuate by almost $500-$1000 a month.

3.  Net parallels gross pretty closely at a gap of about $1000-$1500. (see below)


Washington State School Salaries: 2012-2013

I just saw that these are posted here.

That means we have data now for 2010-2011, 2011-2012, and now 2012-2013.

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