Software Testers as “Students”

It just occurred to me that if I decide to make a lot of changes to my classroom for next year (that will be 2016-2017), then I would like to “beta test” that classroom change before it “goes live” to my students next fall.

We know that certain lessons, especially if they involve technology, mail fall flat. We also know that certain lessons can be extremely powerful.

Suppose I architect or design a framework for my class, for example lets say I want to use OneNote in my classroom next year. How can I possibly foresee all that will be involved or might transpire if I make that change? Or, more importantly how can I at least make sure that students will be able to get themselves into that mode of thinking. How can I make sure that we aren’t dead-on-arrival on the first day of school?

The answer might be a “Software Tester as Student”. What is that? That’s a student/teacher that is willing to act as a “student”. This “student” then tries out the interactions in a classroom or curriculum design. The “student” tries to break the interaction or the flow that has been designed, but the “student” is willing to give feedback to the teacher. In this way, a classroom or curriculum design can be proven before it is actually put into use.

John Weisenfeld, Science Teacher, Pasco High School

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