Bargaining Update July 13th

From: Lacey Unseth [WA] []
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2015 11:58 AM
Subject: Bargaining Update July 13th

An illuminating discussion, but likely not intentional …

On Friday morning, the PAE bargaining team was greeted by a first wave of union members who enthusiastically sent the bargaining team into the Booth Building for our fourth day of bargaining. Thank you to the dozens of members who participated on a summer morning! This is what NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia calls “Good Crazy”! We will continue to work hard for our members!

PAE began the day by presenting our Special Education proposal and the need for adjusting class-size language to reflect “case load” for Elementary Life Skills Classes. Currently, Pre-School and Kindergarten Life skills teachers may have as many as 30 students. Once again, the district showed that it has no understanding or respect for what members do for students by responding with: “There is more to case load than numbers of students teachers supervise.”

At least they didn’t say “babysit.” Nonetheless, their word choice is a subtle reminder of how district administrators have lost sight that our passion and goal is to teach and to educate.

In other portions of our proposal, PAE presented language to clarify inclusion procedures and the contractual requirement that members receive training prior to having inclusion students placed in their classrooms. When PAE’s bargaining team presented several scenarios where training was not being provided and members were not receiving the necessary support, the district Special Education department once again showed it has little understanding or concern for members by stating: “I was unaware that trainings were not being provided.” This was further compounded with the admission that: “I don’t know what is going on at Ochoa.”

With so many administrators at Booth, how can district management have so little clue about what transpires in our special education classrooms?

Fruitful discussions transpired over PAE’s comprehensive TPEP proposal. We are hopeful the district will take to heart our concerns related to increased workload and the need for continuity in the evaluation process.

The bargaining teams ended Friday’s session agreeing that PAE would complete our presentation when we return to the bargaining table next Thursday, July 16, and that the district would be prepared to respond with a full counter-proposal as well.

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