AMTA Training Mechanics Day 9

Key Activities:

· Analyzing forces in uniform circular motion.

o Car on a curve

o Set up for analyzing the loop-the-loop roller-coaster problem

· Quick discussion of some earth-bound centripetal force calculations

o As well as the Coriolis Effect.

· Introduction to Energy

o Defined

o Storage modes for energy

o Pie chart diagrams

o LOL diagrams (bar charts)

o Derivation of Energy of a compressed spring

o Ad hoc argument that area under force vs displacement curve is energy

o Models “derived” for

§ Energy of a spring.

§ Kinetic Energy

§ Gravitational Energy

§ Thermal Energy (due to Friction)

o The Energy Balance Equation derived.

· Back to solving the roller-coaster problem. By analyzing energy at various points, you simplify the analysis.

· Group picture

· Ryan Bruick (Google Meeting) talking about Standards-Based Grading in Modeling Classrooms.

Day 9

Thursday, June 25, 2015

7:04 AM

11:45 group picture.

12:00 teacher panel.

Will run to 12:45pm

12:45 – 1:30pm optional session on SBG, Brian Brueck (Chemistry Modeling).

Interested in that…?

Go take the surveys for post surveys/questionnaires.

Fill in your information on the Google Doc for ASU folks.

Wrap up by 11:00am tomorrow, Friday, 6/26/2015.

Questions on Administrivia?

Surveys are at

Mathematical model for radial force which points to the center of the circle. Centripetal force or net force.

and if you square that you get

Hold the force detecting object.

Go around in a circle. You will feel an acceleration towards the center of the circle.

[This misconception is debunked very slowly.]

Unit 6,

Honors WS #2:

Probs 1,2,3,7

Car going around a circle tip.

Person standing on the earth tip.

Mass = 75 kg




5069.64/60=84.494 sec


Car going in a circle.

A quick demo with the wheel and how friction works.

Banking turns.


Your "weight" is determined by your latitude.

Problems 2 and 3.

Inertial reference frames.

Non-inertial reference frames.

Coriolis Effect —

Created with Microsoft OneNote 2013.

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