AMTA Training Mechanics Day 8

Key Activities

· Good force diagram rules/procedures help disabuse students of misconceptions, e.g. “seat-belted parent holding child on lap during collision” there is no forcing pushing child forward in collision.

· Using video / movie insert feature of logger pro to analyze projectile motion. (Is there a better way to measure 2D motion?)

· We start talking about uniform circular motion, what do you observe, what do you measure, how can you get data?

· We used some slick motor, rotating mass, photogate, force sensor apparatus to measure Force versus rotational speed.

Day 8

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

7:40 AM

Time, t

Position versus time horizontal only.

Better data if you zero your data.

Talk about parallax

Arizona State Worksheet 2 Unit 6, 1-3

Honors Section Unit 6, Worksheet 1, 5,6,7







What might affect the speed of the object.

The mass, the radius R, and the period T.

What force do you need to keep something in circular motion.

Experiments reveal:

Dimensional analysis

You can take data as much as you want and you get so many values that you converge around:



<<Day 8.wmv>>

Rotational Lab Apparatus Introduction..

Video recording started: 12:55 PM Wednesday, June 24, 2015

26.5 grams

Radial force will be measured directly by force.

We will be able to change our radius.

TGAMMTRB tension force and : Plot tension force in Newtons versus the T

Keep R and m constant. But record them…


<<Day 8.wmv>>

Video recording started: 1:26 PM Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fradial = slope (speed)^2

Fradial = mv^2/R

Fnet = mv^2 / R

Fcentripetal = mv^2/R

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