NOAA Resources: Tsunami

Picked up a “Tsunami Sources Icosahedron Globe (August 2010)” at a science fair two weeks ago.

There is a 2012 version here:

“This globe of Earth shows the locations of historic tsunami sources, extracted from NGDC’s Global Historical Tsunami Database ( A tsunami is a series of traveling waves of extremely long length and period, usually generated by disturbances associated with earthquakes occurring below or near the ocean floor. Volcani eruptions, submarine landslides, and coastal rockfalls also can generate tsunamis, as can a large meteorite impacting the ocean.

“The underlying color shaded-relief image was generated from NGDC’s ETOPO1 “Ice Surface” ( ETOPO1 is a 1 arc-minute global relief model of Earth’s surface that integrates land topography and ocean bathymetry. Bathymetry is largely from estimated seafloor topography derived from sea-surface satellite altimetry measurements.

NOAA National Geophysical Data Center

World Data Center for Geophysics and Marine Geology

International Tsunami Information Center A UNESCO/IOC – NOAA Partnership

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