Performance Issues In Windows 8.1

Dear Microsoft Friends,

I’ve been using Windows 8.1 now for a while and have been noticing some issues:

1. Windows Explorer performance is sometimes really bad

a. Sometimes the file save dialog takes forever to load

b. Sometimes just opening the Windows Explorer (Window + E) takes a while

c. The new feature to always show the actual path when you click on a shortcut really works against my own workflow, every…single…time…

2. Explorer Search performance is awful

a. While I am waiting for Windows Explorer to search a folder, I

b. Go to Google Drive on the Web and search there, I usually find what I am looking for more quickly.

c. Go to a command prompt and do “dir /s *foo*” is usually quicker than Explorer Search

d. Sometimes I try Windows 8.1 Search, but I find any view that truncates filenames or truncates file paths (even on hover) to be, frankly, insulting!

I hope you have some telemetry for how many people cancel a search before it terminates.

I hope you have telemetry for how long it takes before the Windows Explorer is fully rendered.

You can contact me if you want more details on my configuration, johnweis at live dot com.

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