The Faces of 67P-Churyumov-Gerasimenko

A bunch of folks have been letting their Pareidolia run wild on some pictures of the comet.  Here’s the picture.  Here’s what I see:

image On the left of the comet, a fairly striking Greek-style head.
image A snapping turtle coming at you with it’s mouth open.
image A cute bear with eyes, nose and mouth slightly open.
imageimage Dark-haired male profile looking down and to the right.
image A rotated, Grateful-Dead like skull, axis pointing up left at 2 o’clock.
image Mustachioed asian-art looking face,  male, looking slightly down to the right.
image Crude smiley-face , two eyes, nose and dotted mouth, axis from 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock.
image Little old man with lips pursed to “ooooo”
image Kind of a Nixon-looking face with bottom jaw cut off.  Rotated, axis going from 5 o’clock to 11 o’clock.
image forehead, eyes nose and cheek of face looking down and left.
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