An Excel Spreadsheet That Generates Randomized Chemistry Questions

Last year I fell in love with the “Infinite Algebra/Geometry/etc.” series of programs from KUTA Software.  If you haven’t seen them, they basically delineate a topic of study into regimes of problems that can be randomized.  Once you have randomized questions you can generate multiple versions of quizzes and stymie those in your classroom that are doing “unsanctioned collaboration” during assessments.

The basics behind my spreadsheet is a Periodic Table of the Elements Excel Spreadsheet designed by and copyrighted by the same.  It has a database sheet of all the elements and it is from that database sheet that I can generate random worksheets / quizzes.

Here’s the latest version of the spreadsheet and here’s a sample of the output, a multi-version quiz that I generated to test students knowledge of the Nuclide Symbol.

It has been very interesting using Excel as a quiz markup/generator tool.  I have sent this idea to KUTA and haven’t heard back.  I have sent this idea to Microsoft (, we shall see!

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