Washington State School Salaries: 2012-2013

I just saw that these are posted here.

That means we have data now for 2010-2011, 2011-2012, and now 2012-2013.

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  • John Weisenfeld  On August 12, 2013 at 7:04 am

    I think this post was inspired by an article I read about holding school boards accountable for the use of levy funds.


    I hope the author didn’t mean to write that
    a. paying teachers more is a categorical problem
    b. enabling/incenting teachers to work together is a problem

    And here’s some math. Teachers are contracted to work 180 days a year. There are a total of (365 – 52*2)=261 weekdays in a year. That means teachers don’t “work” for 261-180=81 days.

    But I remember working pretty hard last year outside of school time. How many hours did I have to work outside of school for 180 days to be essentially working for those 81 days?

    Take 81 days that aren’t “worked” and multiply by 8 hours, you get 648 hours. Now divide 648 by 180 days to see how much a teacher has to work “over time” during the regular year to show that they do, in actuality, probably work an equivalent man-year to everyone else. Answer = 3.6 hours.

    Any teacher that spends 3.6 hours outside of they normal day on their job are really working a standard man-year or woman-year, to be precise.

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