Why We Teach, By Terrance Terich

Why We Teach

By Terrance Terich

You … the quiet and complacent

You … the overly defiant

You … those who sit, patient and placid

You … who burn so bright

That we are left blinded by your brilliance.

You are why we teach

You the heavy-lidded, sleepy-eyed

Head on the desk, can’t wake up

Deeply drowsy dreamers and

First period somnambulists

You are why we teach

You, the misspellers,

Miscounters, Misquoters

Missteppers, Misbehavers, and

Mistaken, It is no wonder

You feel so misunderstood.

You are why we teach

You solvers of mysteries

Makers of history

Athletes, musicians,

Artists, and discoverers,

All to all and each to each,

You are why we teach.

You world shakers

Earth quakers

Rabble rousers and rule breakers,

Romantics, idealists and visionaries.

You are why we teach

You, the 17-year-old who thinks Coolidge was nicknamed Silent Cow (C-O-W)

You, the history student who thinks that Woodstock happened in the ‘70s

You, the junior who said one of FDRs four freedoms was the freedom to dance

You made me laugh, and there is no rubric for that.

You are why we teach

You, the sophomore who apologized to me for not participating

You, the angry young woman who finally cracked a smile when I asked about California

And you, the shy, reserved young man who approached me in the hall

Just to say, “Mr. T, thanks for coming to my baseball game.”

You are why I teach.

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