Algebra 1/Physical Science/Pack Prep Week In Review: 2012-10-29

Hi Parents & Guardians,

If your student hasn’t ever checked out Khan Academy, then have them take a look some time. It is a web site with free lessons on a wide range of topics including computer programming, math, and science.

A big part of this week was spent helping students write their LEAP worksheets. LEAP is a required reflection by all students in all their classes (except Pack Prep) on some assignment they did in that particular class and what they learned on that assignment, how it helps them with their goals, and how much effort and quality they feel they put into those assignments.

Here’s what we did this week in our classes:

Physical Science · We had a worksheet this week reviewing density. It was graded and as usual, students can submit this worksheet and correct their mistakes.

· We had a quiz this week on density. Students can correct their errors on that quiz for credit as well.

· On Halloween we did a demonstration/experiment in class where we tested the density of some popular candies in a density column. Good clean science fun!

· Students worked on LEAP worksheets

Algebra 1 · This week students took Benchmark exams. These diagnostic tests are run in all Algebra 1 math classes and across the Wapato School District. Look for some announcement of results soon.

· Students worked on Math LEAP worksheets.

Pack Prep · This week the final draft of the “High School and Beyond” essay was due as well grade reflections.

NOTE: links in this e-mail go to Edline, where you will have to sign in with the username and password you created. If you haven’t gotten access yet, I have access codes for you and for your students. With access codes you can sign in and create a username and password, some of you did this with me at parent conferences last week.


John Weisenfeld, Math/Science Teacher

Wapato High School

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