Physical Science / Algebra 1 Update (2012-10-09)

Hi Parents/Guardians,

Edline is up-to-date as of work handed in last Friday. Take a look and see your student’s grades. If you have questions, let me know.

NOTE: Deadline for work assigned in September is October 31. Please work with your student accordingly if there is homework missing. This also applies to re-work of notebooks, quizzes, other homework.

Physical Science
We are wrapping up a unit tomorrow with student presentations of a homemade sports drink that they made in the lab (but didn’t drink, we made sure). Students should be able to describe the 3 main ingredients in a sports drink and what the concentrations need to be. They should also be able to describe the 3 tests we used to determine if a drink contained sugar, electrolytes and water.
There is homework tonight. There is a quiz on Friday. There is a Benchmark Exam throughout the high school at the end of the month.

We are studying inequalities now. If you want to see some tips on the homework we are doing tonight go to: and when it asks for Keyword type “MA7 Parent”, to get student-related help do Keyword “MA7 3-4”

Also, I am sending text messages now if I have a valid mobile number for you. Let me know if you do *NOT* want to get text messages because you have a right to opt out.


John Weisenfeld, Math/Science Teacher

Wapato High School

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