Internship Reflection Week of 2012-05-28 [40] (301-201-101 Exhibitions, Short Week)

Monday was Memorial Day.  Friday was a personal day.  Saturday was the SAT.

I attended 7 student exhibitions this week from 401 to 101.  I was most impressed by some 301 students that are really finding their stride in time (hopefully!) for their 401 (senior) year.

One student that I have worked with quite a bit this past year had his exhibition this week.  He wasn’t really prepared and claims to not care about that, but I wonder.  I finally came out and said that I was embarrassed when I spend time with him on various things and then he talks about none of that at his exhibition.  So “in defense of my professional reputation” I proceeded to list all the field trips that I had been on with this student and interview him in his exhibition about what he had learned on each of those.  It was no real surprise that he got quite animated as we discussed some of the field trips and activities which we had done.  In one of those car rides together I asked him about why he chose a tactic involving lack of preparation for his exhibitions.  He said that he did it to aggravate his parents.  That sentiment is confirmed by his autobiography, 8 pages of which he cranked out quite quickly (with the help of another staff member, I think) and which contained quite a few things which he would not normally “say out loud.”  Happily, this student is on track to do some classes this summer at PSSC.

The investment contest ( which I was running with some students completed on 5/31.  I need to have a mini awards ceremony with my crew and celebrate the winner, who made $24,000+ on their $100,000 initial investment over the course of 30 days.  The next player made almost $2,000 and I lost $6,000.


I created another version (112) of the PDF transcript.  This time I think it is being shared/used widely by advisors since many want to get their transcripts done by the end of the school year (June 18).

I also sent an e-mail to the whole staff on what types of questions might be useful for students that are working with MinecraftEDU.  My goal is to help facilitate useful conversation with students who are playing the game, and might be learning something which we could take advantage of.

A student broke into some computers in the computer lab on Friday and tried to swap out/add some RAM.  We were able to close the computers up again and they all worked.  However, the act of prying open computers will not be tolerated.  I foiled a chance to enrich or make the approach more indirect to the student who we think did it.

The June SAT test day is probably the biggest, and our school facility was full of students taking the test or subject tests.  Proctoring takes a while:  we started at 7am or so until 1pm.  (A little after 7am a student called and needed a ride, so I ran out and got him.)  None of the students that took my SAT Prep course were raving about their performance, they just looked tired.  It has been a long road for them with at least 2 other full test simulations under their belt.  Stan did a great job of proctoring the exam, helping students feel at home and at ease.

After some time at the Seattle Science Festival on Saturday afternoon, I took my son to see how the preparations for the Big Picture Prom were going.  We got there just as some students were arriving in their finery.  I hope they had a good time!

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