Internship Reflection Week of 2012-05-21 [39] (Final Exhibitions of the Year, SAT Prep Post-Test Data)

It was my pleasure to attend Final Exhibitions for 401s (i.e. seniors) at Highline Big Picture High School this past week.  You might recall that an exhibition functions as a checkpoint, a type of final exam, a student-led symposium detailing progress against learning plan goals.  For seniors, last week was a chance to share their stage of completion for their Senior Thesis Project (STP), Autobiography, and Post-High School Plan (PHSP).  However, they were also asked to present a cover letter to their exhibition panel/attenders on why they should be allowed to graduate.

The exhibition panel was asked to either recommend the student for graduation (congratulations!), or require some amount of additional work to be completed by June 6, or suggest a student plan on summer school or some other “contract” to complete work that is lacking.  Of the eleven senior exhibitions I attended this past week, a bit fewer than half were asked to complete additional work by June, and only one was asked to consider a summer contract.

For many exhibitions, there were some bittersweet tears, as students reflected on their high school years,the magnitude of their growth and accomplishments, and that they were moving on.

The SAT-Prep-Post-Test Data were not as dismal as we had originally thought they were going to be.  Here’s a complete breakdown of pre-test to post-test scores by student (student names hidden).


Here’s another representation of the improvement in each math question topic.


For all problem topics the percent of questions left blank went down, from pre-test to post-test, except for Geometry (flat).  That’s good, but the percentage of wrong answers went up for all topics, except for Geometry.  We are a little worried about people being more liberal in their guessing, but have warned the students to practice the “don’t guess unless you can rule out” rule more effectively on the real SAT.

I’m proud of some of the folks that made the most gains, that they have applied themselves and won some small victory over math anxiety or test anxiety.  I’m running some office hours next week for any folks that want last-minute preparation.

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