Internship Reflection Week of 2012-02-13 [25] (101 and 201 Exhibitions)

This was week 2 of a 2 week exhibition cycle.  Students at the 101 (freshman) and 201 (sophomore) level were exhibiting their learning plans, portfolios, project updates and internship experiences.

The crux of student exhibitions often comes down to evidence.  Do the students describe newly acquired skills and provide proof of such learning that is compelling, detailed, and authentic.  Exhibitions have often been compared to some sort of legal process, where panelists cross-examine the student and forensically probe the evidence.  Some of my favorite questions to ask at exhibitions I have learned from other more experienced teachers at the school.  For example:

  • Is this your best work?
  • What part of your portfolio are you most proud of for this last exhibition cycle?
  • What new skills or learnings did X goal or Y activity lead to?
  • How does activity Z support your overall vision?
  • How does project W support your goals?
  • What has your mentor at your internship site said about your work/work habits?
  • How are you connecting your work to the learning goals of QR (Quantitative Reasoning=Math) and ER (Empirical Reasoning=Science)?

Mostly I reflected on how many students seem to be making little or no progress on ER/QR goals.  Lately I’ve been reading John Might (JUMP) and Carol Dweck (Mindset) about ways that students hinder themselves in the math and sciences due to real and perceived lack of ability.  My challenge for the SAT prep course–that starts up soon–is to help the more reluctant students see that they can be good at math or science.

However, as an incredible ending to the week, two students whose exhibitions I attended got near perfect, i.e. near 4.0 scores.  Nice job!

Rough Timeline (No need to evaluate)

Monday 2/13/2012: Attended 4 student exhibitions.  Contacted Fascinations “toys based on physics” people.  Was able to help get a Marine Engineer to the Middle School for a presentation related to Engineering Week.

Tuesday 2/14/2012:  Attended 3 student exhibitions.

Wednesday 2/15/2012:  Attended 3 student exhibitions.

Thursday 2/16/2012:  Attended 4 student exhibitions.  Settled on a date for meeting with rep from DigiPen about teacher training.

Friday 2/17/2012:  Attended 4 student exhibitions.  Finalizing details for trip to NOAA.  Locking down date for trip to Voda Studios.  B Lippitt was able to attend an exhibition.

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