Internship Reflection Week of 2012-01-16 [21] (Snow Week)

January 16th was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I took my daughter to Microsoft, where they regulary have a celebration of Dr. King and his accomplishments.  The guest speaker was Spike Lee, who reminded us to not just pay lip-service to Dr. King, but to review his speeches and writings.  Finally Spike told us to remember reading and how important education is.  The Director of Community Affairs for Microsoft, Andrea Taylor, took up the theme about education and called it the civil rights issue of our era.

On January 17th the snow storm hit, and Highline was operating 2 hours late, while Federal Way was called on account of snow.  I stayed home for a while, hoping to drive in for the Professional Development meeting at 2pm.  However, that meeting was moved up to 1pm so I missed it.  I also learned that that you are not allowed to take a sick day on the first work day following a scheduled vacation day.  I had no idea about this rule, but I surmise it was put into place to avoid absenteeism and abuse of sick time.  I thus had to take one of my precious personal days of which I only get a few per contract.  Need to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

On January 18th and 19th and 20th* both Federal Way and Highline had no school, so we had a leisurely day at home on the 19th, that is, until our power went out.  We spent the next two nights at two different hotels which was fun.  We also took the opportunity to visit with family in Olympia, Benjamin got to go sledding, and we ran up to Bellevue to get the generator for my mom and sister.

Thankfully, power came back for us on Friday, but we were back in our home by Saturday.  School resumed the next week.

* Highline had an In-Service day on 1/20, so there was effective no school this whole week except for a 2-hour delay on 1/17.

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