Want Regular Updates From Me in Your Inbox?

As part of my requirements for study, I am asked to write regular reflection on what I am learning as a teacher via this blog.  I also occasionally post other commentary on things I have read about education in general.

If you would like to get an e-mail update every time I post something to my blog, here are the steps you need to follow.


What to do What you see
Since you may or may not be viewing my blog right now, make sure you click on that link and then look around on the page in your browser for a little icon/button like this

Note: It is often in the lower right of the page.


Click on “Follow” and you should see this popup next. image
Enter your e-mail address in the appropriate spot, and click “Sign me up!”. You should see this image
If you go to you e-mail you should see a message that looks something like this image
By clicking that link you should be taken to a page that looks like this.

I will admit this page doesn’t look very friendly at first, but the key you are looking for is the following.

Congratulations! You should now get e-mail whenever I create a new post.

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of a blog post, or via the button in your e-mail. 

I get notified immediately of comments and will regularly review and accept/acknowledge comments.

Oh, and you also will probably get another confirming e-mail which looks like this and tells you how to manage your subscription to the blog. image
Should you wish to stop receiving updates, at the bottom of each e-mail you should see something like this: image
Click the link to “Manage Subscriptions”, and you will be taken to a web page that looks again something like this:

If you hover your mouse/pointer over my name, you should see some text appear that says “Unfollow”.

If you click on “Unfollow” you should get the page refreshed and somewhere it should say: 

In which case you should stop getting e-mails from me!

Thanks for reading…

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