Thursday 11/3

Today I experimented with a learning contract for a couple of students that are interested in computer games. The contract was made so that their teacher and I could agree on what they would be doing if they left her supervision during that day and spent some time with me in the computer lab. The contract described some computer programming learning that they would be doing. It was also meant to be a living document so that we could monitor their progress over a longer period of time on the topic. Both students seemed to accept the terms of our agreement (grudgingly), but actually didn’t wind up editing the document while they were in the computer lab. It turns out I had to edit each student’s document separately myself. However, now I think we have some leverage over them when they haven’t met the terms of the contract, and/or when they need to take actions to rectify so that they will be able to use the computer lab again. After a short time following contract of study which we had laid out they were back to playing their computer game.

After lunch I told them we should call computer gaming companies and see if any of them would agree to hosting them for an informational interview, or a job shadow day, or on a full-blown two-day per week internship. These students weren’t too keen on that idea when I talked to them after lunch.

The special teams meeting was in the afternoon, but we didn’t cover much since we were slated to combine our meeting with the advisors meeting. At the advisors meeting we all agreed that there was an opportunity for better collaboration between the advisors and the special teams folks, but that we hadn’t agreed on what that looked like just yet. Part of the solution would be improved visibility of special teams folks in the advisories, but that would by no means be the whole solution. Stay tuned!

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