Teaching as Delivery and the United Parcel Service (UPS) Driver

Heidi Rowles on 10/19/2011 confessed that despite the grandest of aspirations and desires, she often found herself doing delivery instead of really educating.  Don’t we all? Then she compared this practice to the UPS delivery person.

They don’t wait to see you open the package, they don’t want to see your face light up with the delivery of the gift or book you had been waiting for.

They just drop the package off.  Check you off their list, and move on.


It is almost as if, they “hope” you are not home, so that they don’t have to interact and so that their involvement or delay at your house is less.

That is an analogy for teaching as delivery.  It is the most perfunctory, least involved, and sadly the most often-used method of teaching today.  And that saddens us…

[need to add link to Kim, Y. paper on Teaching as Delivery]

[need to add link to Heidi’s WordPress]

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