Internship Reflection Week of 2011-10-10 [07] (PVC, CSI 1st Session Ends)

Monday (10/10/2011)

In the middle-school elective we did blood spattering experiment. I mixed some corn syrup with red food coloring and some water and tried to match with some of my own blood liberated from a pin-prick in my finger. I got pretty close, but sugary water is not the same as real blood over the long term. Nevertheless students had a great experience dropping blood on paper held at various angels. The learning that the blood smears at an increasing amount depending on the angle. All students were able to identify the difference between drops at near perpendicular versus near parallel angles.

Monday we did a Surge, which was meeting with all the freshman students and going over their learning plans. I met with a couple of students that are interested in computer gaming. Later I realized that some key clarifying questions I could have asked were not. I resolve to pin people down more on what they write and strive for clarity and detail.

After that Surge we did a debrief on what we had learned. I was able to reflect on other questions that people had asked and which ones I would add to my repertoire.

Tuesday (10/11/2011)

Made some good calls/contacts on getting LTI for students. We shall see what comes through.

Trip to Microsoft got cancelled/postponed.

Have started adding student e-mails and other interests to the school-wide database spreadsheet. As I collect e-mails I also ask students to give me access to their Learning Plans (on Google docs) so that I can add detail to them about QR (Quantitative Reasoning) and ER (Empirical Reasoning).

Dan D., T. and I made a pitch to the middle schoolers for the next sequence of the “Science Behind CSI” elective. Excitement seems to be high for our elective, which is nice, but also means the bar will be pretty high.

Also was able to get the final crime scene set up with another student who is helping with the middle-school elective class.

End of day on Tuesday is all-staff-meeting where we talked in two groups about how to make relationships with mentors better and how to make projects better. Our group had some good brainstorming.

Wednesday (10/12/2011)

This was the day for the last class of the first session of “Science Behind CSI” elective. I gave back the students their bite-mark Hershey bars. I also gave them to fill out student evaluations on the course before they went to the crime scene. We took the students into the crime scene in small groups and asked them to analyze what they had seen, and what might have occurred.

I also had a chance to build the water tube demonstration since Dan D. picked up some PVC. The demonstration we are trying to do is to illustrate that pressure increases in a column of water. Our ultimate goal would be to be able to illustrate that the distance a jet of water hits the ground away from the column is given by y = sqrt (h (H-h)) where H is the Height of the tube and h is the distance of the hole from from the top of the column.

However, as we were working on the demo a former student came by, took offense to the sound of an electric drill behind his head, and proceeded to threaten/berate me and two other students with me. Especially provoking to this person was that neither of the freshman students with me could keep a straight face. Which only made the wrath of this individual more acute. When I sent one of the freshman back to his class, he was followed by this individual and then that whole class was interrupted.

The end of the day saw me working with some 101s (freshmen) on their projects or helping make calls or connections for them. I was also working with a 401 on her homework and some work on the graphing calculator.

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  • Dan Dundon  On October 13, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    I appreciate your summary. These might be good frames for discussions about the student teaching side of your Big Picture work.

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