Stanford Artificial Intelligence Course has Started

with 160,000+ folks registered!!

Hi John Weisenfeld,

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence has officially launched! The first two lesson units are available on . Click "sign in" and then the red "Watch" button to get started. Welcome!

The class announcements page is . Please check it regularly for the latest news and deadlines. Deadlines will be shown in your time zone. Please take a moment to set your time zone now at . You may also use the profile page to change between Basic and Advanced tracks.

Many thanks to everyone who volunteered to translate. It was a tremendous response and thanks to all their hard work there are translations into a wide variety of languages. To see the list of languages available for a video or watch with English subtitles, click on the ‘CC’ icon in the video player.

Homework 1 will be available soon — watch the announcements page. It will be due Sunday, October 16, at 11:59pm UTC time. Everyone can view the homework and exams. But only students in the Advanced track will need to complete them. Students in the Basic track just need to complete all the lesson units. Your lowest two homework scores will not be counted towards your overall class performance. Homeworks count 30% and exams 70%.
Questions in the lesson units do not count towards your score in the class. However, the first answer you submit will be saved. Homework and exams are different. You can change your answers as many times as you want before the due date. You can check your scores and progress here: . Of course, your scores on the homework and exams won’t appear until after the due date.

The general schedule for the class is available here: .

Final enrollment was over 160,000 in 190 countries. We’re very excited you’ll be joining us.

Let’s make this a great class!
Sebastian, Peter, and the AI Class Team

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