Nord, W.A. & Haynes, C.C. (1998). Taking Religion Seriously. Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2.

Some excerpts from the Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2.

We will not attempt any further effort at defining religion here-other than to suggest three generalizations about these major world religions that will be relevant to our discussion.

1. Each of them discerns a richer reality than does modern science. Ultimate Reality (be it God or Brahman or Nirvana or the Tao) can’t be grasped in scientific categories, expressed in scientific language, or analyzed in scientific laboratories.

2. From within each tradition, religion can’t be compartmentalized; it isn’t simply a matter of what one affirms or does on Friday evening or Sunday morning. The implications of God’s existence extend to all of life-to how we act the rest of the week, and to how we make sense of the world.

3. And, of course, religion is important. Religions deal, as Tillich argued, with matters of ultimate concern. People are not free to ignore God. Religion is a matter of concern not just to scholars and antiquarians.

Warren A. Nord;Charles C. Haynes. Taking Religion Seriously Across the Curriculum (p. 4). Kindle Edition.

I appreciate that the authors distinguish between conservative and liberal factions within denominations or religions.

Consequently, in our discussions of neutrality and liberal education we must keep in mind three distinct sets of tensions-tensions between religious and secular interpretations of reality, among different religions, and tensions between liberals and conservatives within each of those religions.

Warren A. Nord;Charles C. Haynes. Taking Religion Seriously Across the Curriculum (p. 5). Kindle Edition.

Chapter 1 summary:…

Chapter 2 summary:…

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