Day 3 and Day 4

Tuesday Sep 6 (Day 3)

Senior Term Project review with 401 (senior advisees). Asked some questions about student projects.

Did some follow-up on certificate, via e-mail to ESD.

Some students came by and were excited to see the swing.

Talked to Dan about key ways to get involved in Learning Plans.

All staff meeting…figuring out next steps on actions plans.

Talked after staff meeting about how college counselor and Dan and I could coordinate.

Wednesday Sep 7 (Day 4)

Morning Professional Development meeting, talking about effectiveness of staff meeting, how that meeting should be run in the future.

Received my work permit from ESD.

Called a contact at a Professional Window Cleaning to refer them to LTI coordinator.

Sent e-mail to my contact at the Institute for Systems Biology to prepare referral to LTI coordinator.

Ordered official SPU transcript to keep certificate application moving forward.

Sat in on Stan’s advisory. Talked with some students about QR/ER.

Put up a sign for lunch-time movies, from The Futures Channel

Gave student some Algebra 1 materials.

Gave another student some Pre-Calculus materials.

Learned how to use printer/copier.

A student was arrested by the police on campus.

Class at SPU this evening. (Dr. Algera doesn’t have me on his internship list).

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