Borich Chapter 2 Reflection (reading Reflection #2, due 7/27)

By learning the differences in our students, we can better adapt teaching to them, and relate better to their families or other support systems.

Adaptive teaching of some flavor (compensatory or remediation) has been shown to help all students more than tracking.

I will consult research papers to see what teaching methods might be best suited for diverse learning styles in my endorsement areas.

According to Tomlinson (2004) curriculum can be differentiated according to content, process and products.

“Environmentalists conclude and some research suggests that the effect of the home and even the classroom environment can be as important as heredity in contributing to one’s IQ.”  (Borich, 2010, p 46)

Over against Gardner, Lantieri and Goleman is Sternberg who thinks that some intelligences can be improved in the classroom.  This plasticity is particularly hopeful for me.


Borich, G. D. (2011). Effective Teaching Methods: Research-Based Practice. (7th ed.). Allyn & Bacon.

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  • overlandsea  On July 28, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    John, I really appreciate you pointing out the importance of home environment contributing to IQ and learning. I think this brings up a big debate about if IQ/general aptitude can really improve and change. More to the point, though, I have really seen how instability in home life can change a student’s performance in school. For example, I had one student that was adopted out of a very disfunctional home into a supportive one and her behavior and performance in school became much more consistent and much better.

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