SPU Library Online Tutorial, Observations

Things I like about the SPU Library

  1. graduate student study room 3rd floor, south-west corner.
  2. using the library and ERIC/EBSCO from home, especially to get full-text of articles online, or to use ILLIAD (ILL) for interlibrary loan.
  3. the copier on the lower level south-west corner does scanning to e-mail, and there is a scanner on a computer in the lower level as well


Things I haven’t tried yet or didn’t know.

  • I can use academic premier search to find information too, through EBSCO (where I have only previously used ERIC, the education database).  For example I like the browse subject term feature


  • that there is a librarian specializing in education, need to bounce more research quandaries off of her.
  • that undergraduates (and maybe some graduates) are tempted to use Google search for everything (or Bing, perhaps).  However, the results returned by those aren’t ranked in order of usefulness for scholarly inquiry.
  • that SPU Library has in its collection indexes and access to http://digital.films.com for e-films that can be used in educational contexts
  • I like that you can save searches to folders and then output them in bibliographic format.  That’s cool.
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