Success in Online Learning (Seattle Pacific University and Blackboard)

Blackboard is quite a useful tool, and is commercially available, i.e. it is not primarily used by SPU.  You should check out their web site to see what other cool tools they offer, i.e. tools or add-ons for other computing platforms like smartphones, tablets, etc.

I have now been at SPU almost a year, and in that time have taken 7 courses, 2 of which have been exclusively online.  Below are two posts I created which give some tips on how I’ve use Microsoft OneNote and worked with Blackboard.

Permalink to Microsoft OneNote (for PC only) and Online Courses

Permalink to Microsoft OneNote and BlackBoard Online Course- Anatomy of a Module

The above posts still are accurate for how I use Blackboard and Microsoft OneNote.  The only things I would add are:

  • I also send course-related e-mails from Outlook to OneNote, that way all documents related to the course are in one place.
  • I used to record actual class sessions (for non-online courses) into OneNote, using my Microsoft LifeCam HD webcam.  However the audio quality was not good enough, and a multi-megabye attachment to a OneNote notebook kept it from syncing to SkyDrive.
  • One trick I have learned is to use scanner copiers in the SPU library to scan class handouts to PDF which I then insert into OneNote, that way there is no need to have any materials for a course in a traditional paper notebook or file.
  • I have also now started to capture textbooks (from web-reader or eBook form also into my OneNote by printing pages or screen capturing (laborious!).  I describe some of the benefits of eBook approach in the post below.

Permalink to eBooks- I think I understand now

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