Mr. Weisenfeld’s Classroom Rules (a la Seganti)


1. Students are to enter the classroom calmly and quietly and go
immediately to their assigned seats. You are to sit at a 90 degree angle
to your desk with your feet on the floor and good posture (spine

2. Students are to be in their seats and prepared to work when the bell
rings. If you are not in your seat with your materials when the bell rings
you are tardy. Be working on the assignment on the board as soon as
the bell stops ringing.

3. Students are to show respect at all times and in all manners toward
themselves, others, and staff. This includes all verbal and non-verbal
forms of communication including body language, facial expression and
tone of voice.

4. Students are to be on task AT ALL TIMES and work to the best of
their ability. This means you are to be working on whatever assignment
is given with all of your concentration. If you are finished an
assignment early, you may read or sit quietly and wait for others. There
is no talking in my class except to address the academic issue at hand.

5. There is absolutely no gum, food, drink, candy, make-up, mirrors,
electronic devices or any other distraction allowed in my class. Any of
these visible will be immediately confiscated and picked up after school.
Do not even give the appearance of chewing or it will be deemed that
you are doing so. Class time is for learning.

6. Students are to be prepared with all papers, pens, pencils, notebooks
and any other materials required for class. Never bother me about
sharpening your pencil, needing paper, throwing out trash, or any other
trivial matter during class. Class time is for learning.

7. You are to raise your hand to get permission to speak. Raising your
hand does not give you permission to speak, it just lets me know you
want to speak. You are never to leave your seat without first raising
your hand and receiving permission.

8. If you need to use the restroom you may do so but must make up the
time for fifteen minutes after school.

9. I do not argue with students. If you are told to move your seat or
given any other direction you are to do so immediately and without
complaint. If you feel this or any other direction is unreasonable you
may arrange to discuss it with your counselor or arrange a parent
conference on your own time. Otherwise, follow all directions
immediately and without complaining. Class time is for learning.

10. When the bell rings, you are to remain in your seat until dismissed.
You are responsible to clean any trash in your area whether it is yours
or not. Keep all trash with you until the bell rings and throw it out on
your way out of the classroom.

11. I do not give warnings. This is your warning. Any violation of these
rules will be met immediately with a 15 minute detention to be served
immediately after school and/or other consequences such as copying the
rules, parent conference, meeting with the Dean or expulsion from

12. If you do not come to detention, you will be suspended from class
and unable to re-enter or get credit for schoolwork until you do come to
detention. Suspension does not absolve you of detention. No matter
what other consequence you receive, you will have to make up the 15
minute detention before re-entering class.

Classroom Discipline 101: How to Get Control of Any Classroom © 2008-2011 Craig Seganti All Rights Reserved

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