Microsoft OneNote and BlackBoard Online Course: Anatomy of a Module

My last post did a brief overview of using OneNote as a tool to interact with an online course program called BlackBoard.  Here’s some step-by-step of the three concepts I outlined there.

First I captured the online discussion question of the week into OneNote and started drafting my own response to that question on that OneNote page.


Next I captured a screen shot of the BlackBoard page for that module where I can check things off as I download, read, and otherwise interact with.


Since there is a PowerPoint presentation in this module, I download that and then print it back to OneNote so that I can annotate it or otherwise mark it up as I read it.  Note that in the below screenshot, I am also *searching* that whole document (for grandin) using the search box in the upper right corner.  When you print into OneNote it indexes the text that it can identify from the printout/screenshot so that you can search.  This is an amazing piece of functionality!


When I drill down into the Articles folder in our course documents this week, I find some more items to read.  I again insert a screen shot of those items which I can again check off as I work through them.  In this case, I can take the article as it opens in BlackBoard and “print” it via “Send to OneNote 2010” so that it winds up in my notebook ready for me to read/use without having to save or otherwise store somewhere.


When I insert a paper into OneNote, usually a PDF, as a best practice I create a title that is the APA citation for that document, and then commence with highlighting.  Here’s an example:


For forms, assessments and quizzes in BlackBoard I use my browser’s print preview function to get that content “printed” into OneNote, where I can document my thinking or progress toward completion of that item.  Below, in red, I am drafting my response to that question, which I will copy and paste back to BlackBoard.


Finally since a major component of the online coursework is the discussion forum, I use the same technique on a BlackBoard Collection view:

1.  Print preview…
2.  Print (Send to OneNote)

To capture all the posts to the discussion forum so that I have a personal archive outside of BlackBoard, i.e. available offline, which is searchable and highlightable.  Here’s a sample:


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