Learning Illustrated: Step Aside Superman, Waiting for a Better Paradigm

Sir Ken Robinson

Changing Educational Paradigms, a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson at the RSA.

Points that resonated with me:

  1. schools have not kept pace with massive changes in society in the past 50 years.
  2. enlightenment + industrial revolution gave us our current system, and in particular an intellectual model of the mind, smart people or non-smart people, which has caused chaos (social and educational)
  3. modern epidemic of ADHD seems to be concentrated on eastern seaboard?
  4. children are living in a most stimulating age, and yet school is not capitalizing on these stimulations
  5. Education system is built for industrialization, by industrialists.  Bells, batches by years, standardized tests, standardized curricula, all about conformity.
  6. Education seems to (Breakpoint and Beyond, 1998, George Land and Beth Jarman) drive divergent thinking out of students over time.  And divergent thinking is a pre-requisite for creativity, and creativity drives an economy.
  7. Robinson’s recommendations
    1. change the gene pool of education, think differently about human capacity
    2. get over the myth of “academic”, “non-academic”, “abstract”, “theoretical”, “vocational”
    3. most great learning happens in groups (collaboration is the stuff of growth), if you try to individualize you are creating a disjunction between some people and the environments where they best learn
    4. it is about the culture of our institutions, the habits and habitats they occupy

If you like this animation, there are more here:  http://comment.rsablogs.org.uk/videos/

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